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About me

From strategic sports scientist to self-confident yoga freethinker

Hey, I am Tamara.

If you know me from the past, you know: I was the one who never missed a party, the one who was always and everywhere on the go. You’ve probably seen me tap dancing at the gym or I’ve run past you jogging.

If you know me from the past, you know that I’m a person who loves to travel, so after graduating from high school I packed my backpack and travelled around Australia for two years. Maybe I met you there on my Work & Travel tour?

If you know Tamara from before, you know that my teaching degree didn’t really fulfil me and suddenly I was sitting in a maths course and I realised: That’s not the real thing now. However, sports science, the human body and anatomy interested and excited me so much that I definitely wanted to stay in this field.

Über Tamara Miriam Bäuerle

“After all, that’s what you do, isn’t it?”

As a sports fanatic, I have always taught classic abdominal-leg-po classes on the side. Maybe you have tried to “shape” your body in such a course? But you can’t really earn money with it. So I asked my parents and friends what they would do in my place. After all, they know what’s best for me, and my fear of making the wrong decision is far too great.

And so I did my master’s degree in sports science with a focus on “workplace health promotion” – at least I learned something “smart” there. And if you’ve “learned something clever,” it’s common to work a lot – a lot of work. Thus, the model student Tamara became the model employee Tamara Bäuerle.

In order to maintain my work-life balance, I continued to do what I still enjoy doing most today: sports. I built a great outdoor training business and thought it was pretty cool to be able to manage my time freely, practice my hobby, and make some money doing it. But I also noticed that I was becoming more and more immobile due to the one-sidedness of the strength training and running.

I asked myself: is exercise really for working out a six-pack and sticking to meal and workout plans when I actually feel like resting today?

“You’re crazy!”

So, according to my mom, I decided to do something crazy:
I went to India and did my yoga teacher training there.

One thing became clear to me in a flash:
Yoga is much more than just asanas!

Yoga is a completely new attitude to life!

Fluss des Lebens

„Wenn Du mit dem Fluss gehst, lässt Du die Dinge passieren, ohne sie kontrollieren zu wollen. Schwimmst Du mit dem Strom, schützt er Dich, führt Dich und ebnet Dir den Weg nach vorne. Umarme den Fluss des Lebens und die richtigen Dinge kommen zu Dir.“

Tamara Miriam Bäuerle

I design my life myself from now on

Like scales, “it” falls from my eyes and I gradually begin to peel the onion so far, named Tamara. I am beginning to be the person I really want to be.

What my “time out” in India taught me:

I can shape my life myself

and go where I want to go of my own will instead of being guided by those who are “taking” me because they need me at the moment.

Change is normal

I am allowed to let go of everything that is not good for me: be it my employer who takes advantage of me or my toxic relationships.
Change is part of life.

I have confidence in myself and the courage to stand up for myself

and can very well take care of myself alone and make my own right decisions.

Peace and lightness are spreading through me.

I now consciously complement my very Yang-influenced lifestyle with the Yin part and realize: I am allowed to simply be, without always having to strive somewhere.

The birth of yoga retreats

You can do it too!
In the yoga retreats you will experience

  • What it means to be in community
  • To be accepted as you are, without having to pretend.
  • Being yourself as part of a group, a whole

I would like to give you this exhilarating feeling as well.

Feel the relief that spreads through you when you create your own place where you can calm down and switch off everything outside.

Feel the self-confidence to master everything in your life and to make the right decisions for you.

Experience the feeling of letting go – movement helps you and you stay in the flow.

Everything is possible

I first had these thoughts on my fellowship trip to Hawaii when I was just lying on the beach enjoying my life.

Übersetzter Text Zielsprache auswählen. Derzeit ausgewählt: Englisch (UK) A second time this thought came to me in Greece, where I accompanied fitness trips and was well paid for what I love.

All good things come in threes, because when I started creating these wonderful retreats, lying in the sun in Spain in the winter, I knew:

Everything is possible


My Intension

My intention for the years is to create even more space for you to discover yourself. Be it on your own yoga mat or in interaction with other participants. Space not only in your and for your body, but also space for your mental health, growth and spiritual learning. I have made it my mission to give you this open space into which you can grow.

My mission is to inspire you so that you can inspire others.

To let you arrive in your body with yoga and movement. Your body is the mirror of your soul and when you begin to understand your body, you will begin to understand yourself. As your body begins to flow and calm down, your breath and mind will do the same. In my yoga classes I want to give you a space to explore your body, breath and mind.

Yoga and meditation is a way for you to look within. A way to feel and experience your core, your being. In my classes and retreats I want to open a space for you to (re)find yourself authentically. A space that brings you back to your inner voice, to your intuition. A place where you can be you.

If you want to take this space for yourself, you have the opportunity in my yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings.

I want to make a difference in my life. I want to inspire you and accompany you on your journey, encourage you to dream and grow. You have the right to freedom, inner peace, happiness, health and unconditional love. I wish that you live your life according to your own ideas and be an inspiration for those around you.

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This is what I bring in terms of knowledge:

2019 – Sports Science (M.Sc.) – Exercise and Health
2016 – Sports Science (B.A.) – Exercise-based Health Promotion & Sports Therapy.

2022 – 300h Yoga Therapy & Asthanga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow
2020 – 60h Yin Yoga
2019 – 200h Ashtanga Yoga & Vinyasa Flow
2016 – Sports and exercise therapist DVGS

2022 – Thai Yoga Massages
2021 – Regeneration trainer
2021 – Rebody Functional Training Coach
2021 – Sports and wellness massages
2021 – Neuro-Athletics Training
2018 – 4xF Instructor Cross Training
2016 – Personal Training Original Bootcamp
2015 – DOSB trainer C mass sport fitness