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Yoga Teacher Training

Details and procedure

Globally recognised credential through registration with the Yoga Alliance as a yoga teacher (RYT200)
With the Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training you will go from being a yoga student to a world-renowned yoga teacher in just 3 weeks..

We accompany you on your spiritual journey to pass on your knowledge and love for the balance between body, mind and soul to other people.

From yoga trend to movement
More and more Europeans are practising yoga regularly, both in the studio and at home.

Become part of the yoga community.

From 12 October to 02 November 2024

The exclusive training at Sea & Soul Retreat in Greece is limited to 14 places.

Are you one of these people?

  • Are you interested in Eastern philosophy and would like to understand it better?
  • You love and enjoy practising yoga in community and you would like to share your passion?
  • Are you looking for an additional way to earn money with an exercise programme?
  • You would like to understand your yoga teacher when he or she uses words in Sanskrit?

Do you sometimes have these thoughts?

  • I feel: There is more than the “physical being”. How could I open myself even more to the spiritual world?
  • I would like to understand myself and my fellow human beings better.
  • It would be great if I could add yoga to my health portfolio.
  • How do the yogis make it all look so easy?
  • Is it really right to train according to an inflexible training plan just to look good, even though I don’t feel like it and sometimes don’t feel like it at all?
  • I long for a community where I can be me.
  • I would like to be more flexible, not only physically but also mentally.

In our yoga teacher training you will deepen your knowledge of yoga, refine your own practice and dive even deeper into the yoga philosophy.

  • You will gain a fundamental understanding of all the essentials of yoga
  • You will learn a stable and healthy yoga practice as a foundation for advanced asanas.
  • You develop the ability to lead your own yoga class clearly and authentically in a calm voice.
  • You meet your limits and open yourself up with joy to the contact with others.

You will embark on a very exciting and profound journey, developing yourself physically and mentally at the same time.

To become an outstanding yoga teacher, you need a training that teaches you Eastern philosophy professionally so that it can be incorporated into your yoga classes, alongside a healthy alignment of the asanas.

After the yoga teacher training you will ...

…recognize physical malpositions of your participants within the asanas and correct them professionally.

…create additional individual yoga practices that you can identify yourself with.


After graduating as a yoga teacher, you are eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance as a yoga teacher (RYT200). This registration provides you with a globally recognized credential.

You will experience the Yoga Teacher Training in the beautiful and modern Sea & Soul Retreat in Greece. The tranquil setting overlooking the sea awakens the feeling in you that this is exactly where you are meant to be and allowed to be.

Yoga Teacher Training opens the door for you to learn and experience.

  • traditional teachings as provided by Patanjali
  • Delicious, healthy food (fresh fruit and vegetables and everything you need for a good start to the day)
  • the beauties of the surroundings (beaches, taverns)
  • a small group of maximum 14 participants
  • personal support before and after training
Yogalehrer Ausbildung anerkannt, Inhalte

In 21 days you become a certified yoga teacher and are allowed to make people happy worldwide with your yoga classes.

The daily schedule at Sea & Soul Retreat during your yoga teacher training

Class order may change during the course, hours and content remain the same.

For cozy gatherings in community and times you use for self-study, we’ve created special places for you at Sea & Soul Retreat:

  • daily relaxing sea breaks (the beach borders directly on the hotel)
  • SUPs you just need to grab
  • a roof terrace with the most beautiful sea view

21 nights incl. Breakfast and airport transfer

from 3200 Euro *

The Yoga Teacher Training takes place only once a year for an exclusive group.

*Not included in the price: Flight conditions, additional treatments (e.g. massages), individual leisure activities, travel insurance, personal expenses.

Your Yogateacher are Tami & Domi

Tamara Miriam Bäuerle

Yoga – a journey to myself

Yoga has changed my life. Because such a tremendous amount of appreciation and respect that I felt on my journey inside is magical to me to this day.

My yoga journey started seven years ago. And with her came the realisation that yoga is so much more than just physical training.

Yoga gives awareness to the world from my point of view, to myself, to other people and to my whole environment.

The versatile world of yoga

After my 500h yoga teacher training in India I started to experiment with yoga styles like Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin Yoga and found my own style. I worked more and more with breathing and meditation techniques and integrated them into my yoga classes. Physical flexibility is not a prerequisite to practice yoga. That’s what I give my students from the beginning to take with them on their own journey.

Everything begins in you

When you start to look inside yourself and observe your thoughts and feelings, you realize that you are more mindful of yourself and your fellow human beings.

Yoga lessons with all senses

I always integrate pranayama exercises into my classes because I feel and experience their power myself. I love guiding my students through alignments and adjustments into a safe and deeper practice. Essential oils are not uncommon in this process. Because with it I manage to activate all your senses. During Shavasana practice there is always a surprise for you!

Yogalehrer werden

Click here to get an exact picture of the wonderful place where you will do your exclusive “Yoga Teacher Training”.

  • Entitled to register with Yoga Alliance upon completion of
  • Daily relaxing sea breaks and chill outs on the roof terrace
  • 21 Nächte im Sea & Soul Retreat

Become a yoga teacher if Withdraw from the yoga teacher training if
You are open to other cultural philosophies
want to start an extraordinary journey to yourself
You feel an affinity and interest in yoga
You are looking for an additional income opportunity
you enjoy accompanying other people in their holistic transformation
You long for self-realization
you are still struggling with yourself whether yoga offers the right balance for you
you find holistic spirituality to be hocus-pocus
You feel fundamentally uncomfortable in a spiritual community
You are envious of other people’s positive transformation
you are not interested in yoga at all and you ridicule the eastern traditions

If you still have questions, please have a look at our FAQs or send us a message. You are also welcome to book a non-binding consultation.

Thank you for your confidence in taking this step with us.

Tamara & Dominique