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Yoga Retreat “Connect to yourself & others”, Seville, Spain

Dear ones,

thank you very much for the relaxing and exciting time together. I would like to give you my personal feedback – simply because it was so great with you.

I know yoga from home, or I practice it through YouTube. For a long time now I didn’t do any sports and thought I wasn’t doing well physically in the RETREAT. The first sessions have already done a lot of good and I was incredibly excited to feel my body. You did a great job explaining the asanas and even though my eyes weren’t always on you, I just got into every movement. I loved getting sore muscles and after the retreat this way and my muscles were completely relaxed.

Thank you also for the offer of massages. I opted for the ThaiYoga massage and “wow” just relaxing. I was able to completely immerse myself and this really helped after the physical exertion.

I would also like to praise the food and catering. No hotel comes close to this standard. Not only from the freshness, the regional products, but also the feeling of home. Typically Spanish and family. I can truly say that every time I ate, I had to say “mmmh”.

I also found it crazy that the group harmonized so well. We all came without attachments and immediately hit it off. 11 different beings, with the same goal. For this reason, the trips with you were even more beautiful. The sea helped so much and the yoga session there was also magical. Thank you very much for this.

Finally, I would like to thank you for being allowed to arrive, for not having to worry about anything, for everything working out. Thank you for you and your open-mindedness, your kindness and your hospitality.

See you hopefully very soon.

Love greetings