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Yoga Retreat “In the Here & Now”, Evia, Greece

Great location, nice quiet location in a bay. Dreamlike view from the yoga room. Perfect organization of the daily schedule and the week as a whole. Tamara and Domi took turns leading the yoga classes, each imparting her own style: Domi more the gentle hatha yoga with its challenging postures, Tamara the tight vinyasa flow that added to the challenging postures to make the heart beat faster. We were able to learn about different styles of yoga, such as yin yoga, and we had a lot of fun doing acro yoga and biodanza. Domi shared her holistic thoughts with us during her nutrition workshop, we explored the surroundings on a hike and had plenty of time to relax, introspect, enjoy and have good conversations. A harmonious group with open people, profound thoughts, valuable experiences, good food, beautiful surroundings and two trainers who complemented each other wonderfully – it was a unique week of experience in the “here and now”!