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Memories are like little jewels that make our heart shine.

And that’s what I want to share with you today – the shining moments of our last Acro Yoga workshops at our stunning yoga retreat in Málaga, Spain! 🧘‍♀️

But what exactly is Acro Yoga?

Acro Yoga is a type of partner yoga that combines elements of acrobatics, yoga and Thai massage. It is a physical practice in which two or more people work together to create various positions, flows and sequences that promote balance, strength, flexibility and confidence.

In Acro Yoga, there are generally three main roles:

  1. Base: The base or base lies on the ground and supports the weight of the flyer or flyer, i.e. the person who is in the air. She provides stability and support by using her legs, hands and body position to hold the flyer in various positions.

  2. Flyer: The flyer or aviator is the person who rests on the hands or feet of the base and assumes various positions in the air. This requires balance, flexibility and body tension.

  3. Spotter: The spotter is responsible for ensuring safety during the exercises. They help maintain balance and prevent possible falls or injuries.

In the Acro Yoga workshop we have in these wonderful moments

  • together playfully expanded our boundaries
  • put our bodies in daring poses
  • and our hearts strengthened by the trust and connection,

that make Acro Yoga so unique.

Check out the gallery at the bottom of the page to capture some of the captivating moments we had the pleasure of experiencing during this Acro Yoga workshop. 📸 How we flew together and seemingly overcame gravity. It was a feeling of lightness and freedom that connected us all.

What Acro Yoga teaches us

We have learned to trust each other, support each other and communicate to fly in the partner yoga. It was so inspiring to see how everyone gave their best and sur passed themselves. And not to forget, the magical setting of our retreat that surrounded us with its natural beauty and filled our souls with peace and serenity.

Do you feel like taking an Acro Yoga workshop?

Do you feel inspired by these images? Would you like to experience such magical moments yourself and dive deeper into the world of (Acro) Yoga?

Then feel free to click HERE to learn more about my upcoming yoga retreats! Click HERE and dive into a world of transformation and community. Let’s breathe, laugh, grow and join each other on the journey to ourselves. 💕

Want to know what the participants thought of the workshop? Then feel free to read in the comments under the following Instagram post. Go HERE for the feedback.