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Why Yoga and Meditation?

Where are you looking for answers?

I was searching for many years. Have looked to friends, family, Google for answers. Pursued my goal for years until I realized the goal wasn’t mine at all, but that of my conditioning.

You have a voice inside you that is dissatisfied?

Great, that is your inner voice, your imagination, alerting you to live your life. To follow your dreams and your destiny.

How can it be that we are all individuals, all have different dreams and ideas, and yet all live broadly similar lives? Send our kids to the same school, live in the same houses and have the same fears and worries?

Why is most of our life dominated by fear and shame?

      • Why are you afraid of not pleasing others?

      • Why are you afraid of criticism?

      • Why are you afraid of not being enough?

      • Why do we try to suppress our dreams with food, alcohol and other substances?

      • Why do we live a life of must, should, right and wrong, good and bad?

      • Why do we allow ourselves to be bribed with jobs, money and consumer goods and thus betray our self?

    Why do we think that our fellow human beings are separate from us?

    The answer is: because we are separate from ourselves.

    If you want to become one again more with yourself and thus also with your fellow men, then start to look inward.

    Yoga and meditation is a way for you to look within. A way to feel and experience your core, your being. In my classes and retreats I want to open up a space where you can (re)find yourself authentically. A space that brings you back to your inner voice, to your intuition. A place where you can be you.

    I love the story by Eric Butterworth, which I also like to read aloud in my yoga classes. She describes what you find when you take time to look within.


    In an old Hindu legend it is reported that in former times all people were gods. But people abused this gift of their divinity over and over again.

    Brahma, the god of gods, therefore decided to take away people’s knowledge of their divinity and hide this special gift in a place where people would not find it. So the challenge was to identify an undetectable hiding place.

    When Brahma called the other gods together to solve this great problem, they made the following suggestion:

    “Let us hide the knowledge of the divinity of man in the earth.”

    Brahma replied:

    “No, this is not enough! Man will dig and find his divine power again.”

    Then some fellow gods made another suggestion:

    “Then let us sink the knowledge of divine power into the deepest depths of the ocean.”

    Brahma responded to the suggestion:

    “Sooner or later, man will also discover the depths of all oceans. Then he will find his divinity again and bring it to the surface. Even this hiding place is not safe.”

    Again, the fellow gods pondered where the knowledge of man’s divinity could be safely hidden so that only those who did not abuse its power could find it.

    Finally, the other gods suggested Brahma:

    “Let us banish the knowledge of divinity to the farthest distances of the universe, from there man cannot retrieve the knowledge.”

    Brahma listened patiently to what his fellow gods were saying to him. Then he answered:

    “The day will come when people will conquer space and take back their divinity. Even the universe is not suitable as a hiding place.”

    The other gods didn’t know what to do.

    “Then where can we hide the knowledge of man’s divinity? There is no place on earth, in the seas, or in the entire universe where man will not find it.”

    Brahma in his infinite wisdom spoke:

    “I know what we do with the knowledge of the divinity of human beings. We hide it in the deepest part of their self; that is the only place they will not look for it. We hide the knowledge of the divinity of each individual in his own heart! It is a gift that only those who go within can access!”

    Since that time – so the legend concludes – man has conquered the world, set out to discover the universe, dived, flown and dug… in search of something that can only be found within himself.

    Source: freely adapted from Eric Butterworth

    If you want to find the gift of divinity, come to one of my yoga retreats or yoga teacher trainings. If you don’t want to miss any more retreats, then sign up for my newsletter right away.


    Your Tami