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The first class I attended in a yoga school in Greece was a soundbath – a fascinating and unique experience that touched me deeply.

A soundbath is like a meditative journey, a 45-minute or so experience where you don’t have to analyze or observe. You can enjoy this sound therapy either lying relaxed on the mat or sitting comfortably. Through the sounds and vibrations you immerse yourself in the present moment. The gentle touch of wool blankets, the support of meditation cushions and the soft embrace of mats contribute to the complete relaxation of body and mind.

During the soundbath, the yoga teacher played a variety of instruments, including crystal bowls tuned to the frequencies of our seven chakras , gongs, triangles, and chimes. The soundscape enveloped my body with gentle vibrations, and I could even feel the sounds inside me. These tools served as keys to guide me inward and explore deeper levels of consciousness. In this state of awareness, blockages can break open, and profound changes can begin.

When did you last experience silence?

In the middle of a city or near a busy street or airport, many of us live in a background of noise that constantly overstimulates our senses. But when did you last consciously experience silence?

During a soundbath, our brain activity shifts from an active beta state to a deeply relaxed alpha state.

This is similar to a deep tissue massage, which is achieved through the vibrations and sounds and puts you in a state of complete relaxation. During this relaxation, tensions and blockages in the body and mind are released and you experience a sense of wholeness.

The experience of a soundbath goes beyond the purely relaxing effect and has therapeutic properties. Sounds have been used for healing in different cultures for centuries. From the mantras in Indian culture to the healing melodies of indigenous peoples -. Sounds serve to find inner harmony. It is even said that Soundbaths can be helpful with sleep problems, anxiety, depression, and managing stress and pain. The effect extends to all levels of our mind and provides direct access to our inner being. Sounds and vibrations have the ability to touch deeply, relieve pain, awaken memories and overcome psychological as well as emotional barriers.

Sound therapy is based on the principle of sympathetic resonance. Similar to vibrating tuning forks that influence each other, your body reacts to the sound waves and adapts to their frequencies. This adjustment leads to the body moving into a state of natural harmony and health.

In conclusion, soundbaths are a wonderful way to escape the noise of everyday life, reconnect with yourself, and realign your body as well as your mind. They offer the opportunity to leave the over-stimulated world behind and let the vibrations of the body calm you. I was so inspired by the magical experience of a soundbath that I went on to train in the field myself. Today I incorporate soundbaths and sound massages into my retreats. If you are curious and would like to experience this unique experience for yourself, I invite you to sign up for my retreats.

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