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A healthy alignment in the asanas as a basis

Participants often come to me with wrist pain or back pain. Yoga has been practiced for a long time but rarely really learned from scratch.

As a sports scientist and sports therapist, healthy exercise is very important to me. Often in my yoga classes I see that my participants find it difficult to perform the asanas correctly, to activate their bandhas and to target the right muscles. This is accompanied by pain that develops, for example, in the wrists. Only proper execution of the asanas will give you the health benefits you seek. And a solid base is the foundation for all other more advanced asanas.

That’s why I’ve created an online course that teaches you exactly the basics that I usually teach my participants in the first few classes before taking them into more advanced flows. Because only in this way is a healthy and long-term yoga practice possible.

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You will learn how to use Ujjayi breathing correctly and thus gain control over your breath. For each asana I will give you preliminary exercises so that you can experience muscle activation and alignment. After the course you will be able to practice the sun salutation in its variations, accompanied by Ujjayi breathing. The asanas run unconsciously with proper muscle activation and your bandhas can be targeted by you.

The course is divided into 4 lessons, each with 2 thematic blocks, and lasts approximately 5 hours. The first lesson includes two theory units. Lesson 2 to Lesson 4 contain practical exercises. For some exercises, two yoga blocks and a yoga belt are recommended.


  • Lesson 1: Vinyasa Yoga and Breathing (Theory)
    • Topic 1: Basics Vinyasa Yoga
    • Theme 2: Ujjayi breathing and bandhas
  • Lesson 2: Breathing and Sun Salutation A (Practice)
    • Theme 1: Breathing, Bending Forward, Mountain Posture, Downward Looking Dog
    • Theme 2: Chaturanga Dandasana, Cobra, Looking Up Dog
  • Lesson 3: Sun Salutation B and Sun Salutation C (Practice)
    • Theme 1: Chair Posture, Warrior 1 (Sun Salutation B)
    • Theme 2: Standing Asanas: Tree Pose, Warrior 2, Angle Pose, Triangle Pose, Half Moon (Sun Salutation C)
  • Lesson 4: Sun Salutation C Variations and Full Vinyasa Flow
    • Theme 1: Side Support, Wild Freedom (Sun Salutation C Variations)
    • Theme 2: Crow (full vinyasa flow)

Playing time: approx. 285 min. Content: 8 videos.