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My miracle from yoga retreat in Málaga

Today I want to share my story with you in the hope that it will encourage you to believe in miracles (again).

A few years ago I started spending summers in Sarti, Greece offering yoga and fitness trips. The captivating beauty of the sea, the warmth of the sun and the ease of the Greek lifestyle immediately drew me in. But every time winter came and Greece cooled down, I found myself on a plane back to Germany with a heavy heart. What was I looking forward to then? To my faithful dog Mio and crispy butter pretzels.

During the winter months, I pondered ways to escape the dreary Ulm weather in the coming year. However, due to the ongoing constraints, it was difficult to make clear plans. Last year, I therefore decided to spend the summer of 2021 in Greece again and the winter back in Ulm. The cold, the fog, and getting up early in the dark didn’t really fit my idea of life. But what could I do?

I decided to believe in miracles.

Then, one morning in October 2021, my cell phone rang during a short break between two personal training sessions. Still in the grip of my winter blues, slightly irritated by the early hour and the unfamiliar number, I picked up the phone and asked, “Hello, who is this?” A short pause, then a friendly and enthusiastic voice rang out, “Hello, this is Annette. We’ve been writing on Instagram recently. Do you have a moment?” A little confused and with my mind still on my messages, I replied, “Yeah, sure, just before my next client arrives.” Annette spoke with her friendly manner: “Perfect, I’m calling from Spain. I’m planning a yoga retreat in Malaga and we’re still looking for someone to take care of it.” It became silent. My mind was racing. Could this really be true? Or was I still in a dream?

My thoughts darted back and forth:

  • Spain – A warm winter awaits me.
  • Malaga – The sea, the sea!
  • Yoga Retreat – Just my thing!

Without further ado, I booked my flight to make sure the dream didn’t fade away. That was in October 2021. This summer I spent in Corfu and next month I will take the ferry to Spain in October to spend the winter in Malaga.

Miracles happen for those who believe in them.

And you? What is your personal miracle and what steps can you take to make it a reality?

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Believe in miracles – Sincerely, Tami ღდ