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Behind our deepest fears often lie the most amazing possibilities. Get out of your comfort zone and open yourself up to the possibilities.

Experiencing the moment you stand in front of an assembled class? Give a presentation? To be honest, I never really enjoyed it. I still remember how my voice trembled and my hands sweated slightly, while my legs felt as if they were made of jello. The minutes passed agonizingly slowly. All I was eagerly waiting for was to retreat back to my seat next to my friends, where I could feel safe.

In the days before my training for the Landessportbund Berlin, I again struggled with my old fears. The thoughts that were going on in my head were not strange: “What if I make a total fool of myself? How the heck do I fill seven hours a day with content, especially considering my knee issues?” This kind of insecurity and doubt was not unknown to me, in particular I remembered similar Emotions before my first yoga class as a teacher. The fear was there.

Can you perceive your fear?

But now, when I feel this fear, I consciously notice it. I stand in front of it, analyze it, and ask myself the question, “What is the worst that could happen, and what could happen if I face my fears?”

If I am honest with myself, the worst that could happen is that I make a fool of myself in front of my participants and may not get another chance. But the best thing that can happen is so much bigger and more significant.

  • It’s being able to inspire people through my actions and my way of being.
  • It is the joy that comes when people, with the help of my knowledge and deeds, can grow to become light bearers in their own environment .
  • It’s the idea of new yoga teachers drawing courage to overcome their own challenges and, in motion, encouraging others to live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

In a universe where I cower in my comfort zone, the world remains unchanged . But in a universe where I overcome my fears, where I leave my comfort zone, it evolves.

The effects of my actions extend beyond me and touch the lives of others. This is the path of growth and transformation. If you want to walk this path, to step out of your comfort zone, you can do so at a transformative yoga retreat.

And you? Do you know your biggest fears? Have you faced them yet? Think about it, because you may find in your fears the keys to the most remarkable changes in your life.

ღდ Be the change, your Tami ღდ