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Touch for the soul

“Just as your body needs food and water, your soul needs love and touch.”

A Thai Yoga massage works on all three levels. Thus, through Thai Yoga, blockages can be released not only on a physical level, but also on a mental and emotional level.

Thai Yoga Massage translated from Thai means “ancient healing touch“. According to tradition, Thai yoga massage was practiced as early as 500 BC at the royal court of Buddha. Here, the healing knowledge from yoga, Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine was combined. Almost all joints are mobilized and stretched. Passive stretching movements from yoga are combined with mobilization movements and pressure point massages that act on the body’s energy pathways (meridians).

The Thai Yoga Massage takes place clothed on a floor mat. Just as in Vinyasa Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage is a meditation in movement. Through the meditative state of the giver (masseur*in), he can adjust to the needs of the receiver and the dance of the massage becomes individual.

A sequence in which you, the recipient, are guided by me through a series.

Effect of Thai Yoga Massage

  • Mobilization of the joints
  • Release of muscular tension and hardening
  • Increased flexibility of the muscles
  • Dissolution of energy blockages
  • Balancing the energy lines
  • Activation of the immune system
  • Detoxification of the internal organs
  • Regulation of the energy metabolism
  • Relief from stress and stress symptoms
  • Relief from pain and other physical discomforts
  • Activation of the circulatory system
  • General improvement of the energy balance

Often the hands solve a riddle with which the intellect struggles in vain.” Carl Jung

In my Yoga Retreats you have the opportunity to experience a Thai Yoga Massage.

In the session you will learn:

  • a comprehensive physical well-being
  • an energetic harmonization and stimulation
  • the calming of your breathing and thoughts
  • passive stretching and mobilization of your joints
  • an activation of the self-healing powers

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The video gives you a little insight.